Tianbao Mountains

Abuji Lake

Tianbao Mountains (天宝山)

Tianbao Mountains (天宝山)

This small mountain range is situated 30 km southeast of Shangri-La City. It is bordered on the northeast by Pudacuo National Park and on the southwest by the Lijiang-Shangri-La expressway. The massif is wild and remote with many jagged rock peaks. The highest reaches an elevation of around 4,700 meters.

The peaks are sometimes referred to as Tianbao Snow Mountains. It appears there are no glaciers or permanent snow fields.

Abuji Lake (阿布吉湖) is a picturesque tarn, sacred to Tibetan people, set in a high mountain basin. The lake, elev. 4,200 meters, may be visited as a day hike from Shangri-La City. See here and here for more information.