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Yunnan Province is home to some of China’s finest trekking and hiking adventures.

Famous destinations include Tiger Leaping Gorge, Jade Dragon and Haba Snow Mountains, and Yubeng Village. Information about lesser known places can be difficult to find, however.

TrekYunnan.com presents destinations throughout the province, allowing trekkers to experience the best Yunnan has to offer.

The project began as a comprehensive guide to Haba Snow Mountain. In time the vision grew to encompass all of Yunnan. This is a voluntary effort, free of charge to all trekkers, domestic and foreign. Content and images are copyrighted to prevent commercial exploitation. The addition of new areas and treks will take place as time and resources allow. Links to existing content are provided in order to maximize access to resources.

Our guiding spirit is summed up by the phrase, “enchanted realm above our mundane world”.

Towering peak, shining snow, calming lake, greening grass,
heart and soul of this enchanted land.
Mountain paradise above our mundane world.
Like a dreamland come to life,
evoking lucid vision and penetrating insight.


From the book Dameishanhe : Hutiaoxia (大美山河:虎跳峡). Translation by K.K.

These poetic sentiments, combined with our personal experience, inspired the project. Walking, exploring, listening, observing, we have grown to love the Yunnan backcountry. We invite you to visit and experience your own inspiration.

Ken Krov
Pieter Crow

Note to the Reader

This website is intended for: (1) Trekkers traveling independently, and (2) Trekkers accompanied by a guide.

Trekkers who intend to travel independently are assumed capable of planning and conducting a safe journey in remote areas. Especially, they should be well-versed in backcountry travel and off-trail navigation. Please review these notes on skills and gear for more information.

Trekkers without these skills and experience should hire a guide. See the Guides and Pack Animals page for hints on hiring a guide.

We encourage all trekkers to practice leave no trace. That includes packing out all trash, burying human waste and disguising the hole, using existing fire rings, and camping away from lakes and sensitive meadows.

Use of this website indicates acceptance of all risks undertaken while trekking.


History: TrekYunnan.com went online in 2023. The original website, TrekHaba.com, went online in 2020 and now resides fully under TrekYunnan.com

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