Niru Village-Shudu Lake Trek

Niru-Shudu Trek

Route Overview

Route Overview

The route traverses Niru River Canyon boardwalk to the lovely Colorful Waterfall (七彩瀑布). Fairly low for a falls, yet a remarkable sight for innumerable spills cascading over mossy cliffs for a horizontal distance of 200 meters or more. The 5 km hike to the falls has become popular in recent years and at times will feel overcrowded.

The much longer full-day hike up to Deji Pasture and down to Shudu Lake sees much less traffic but has attracted attention among dedicated Chinese trekkers in recent years.

Deji Pasture, elevation 3,850 meters, is an immense meadow 5 km long and 3 km wide with herds of grazing yak, dotted on the edges by simple Tibetan homes.

Shudu Lake is destination for bus loads of tourists visiting Pudacuo National Park. Most stroll the 3 km boardwalk along the southern shore as far as the bus stop located near the eastern end of the lake. Trekkers can board the bus here for the 20-minute ride to the park entrance, where they will be required to pay the normal park entrance fee. Transport from the park entrance to Shangri-La (about 20 km) is best arranged in advance.

Region: Niru Village and Shudu Lake
Itinerary: Niru Village—Colorful Waterfall—Xiadiaoge Pasture—Deji Pasture—Shudu Lake
Distance: 17 km
Altitude in Meters: Start 2,850. Max 3,900. End 3,620
Elevation Gain: 1,100 meters
Rating: Advanced
Water Sources: Niru River

Written by
Pieter Crow