Snow Mountain Window

Telephoto of Snow Mt Window from Base Camp

Snow Mountain Window (雪山窗户)

Snow Mountain Window (雪山窗户)

Region: Alpine Lakes Region
Location: 1.5 km northwest of the Haba Snow Mountain summit
Altitude in Meters: ca. 4,700 meters

Summary: This curious hole bores through the Northwest Ridge of Haba Snow Mountain. When the sky behind is cloudless and blue, it resembles a blue dot just below the skyline. Snow Mountain Window is visible from both sides of the ridge. From the north it can be viewed at Base Camp (大本营), from the south it can be seen from the upper reaches of the Jizhi Valley (鸡枝山谷). It is also just about visible from the Access Gate on the lower section of the Lanhua Meadow Route (兰花坪路线).


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