Lodging in the Valley

Tiger Leaping Gorge Lodging

Many guest houses have sprung up in Qiaotou Town (桥头镇) and Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) over the years. For a general overview, see Dan Siekman’s helpful guide. For a more complete listing, see the Tiger Leaping Gorge page at WikiVoyage.

The following applies to the middle and lower (downstream) sections of the gorge. These guest houses offer dormitory rooms for budget travelers. Except in Ennu Village (恩努村), they also provide regular rooms with private bathroom. Some of these can be booked online at booking.com, trip.com, or hostelworld.com. Simply showing up usually works, except during major holidays such as National Week in the first week of October. English is not widely spoken.

Halfway Guest House (中途客栈) in Bendiwan Village (本地湾村) is perennially popular. It was founded in 1992, one of the earlier guest houses established in the gorge. The owner, Feng Defang (冯德芳), frequently interacts with guests. His son, Feng Jianghui (冯将辉), helps run the establishment and will eventually take over as host. Both speak good English. Phone 133-6884-4698 (English).

Tina’s Guest House (中峡国际青年旅舍) is well known to trekkers as the terminus of the classic trek through the gorge. Tina, whose full Chinese name is Tian Yongqi (田永棋), speaks English. She runs the hostel with her husband and son. Phone 139-8877-1688 (English) or 187-6088-0888 (Chinese). Email 2635441148_at_qq.com

Luke’s Hostel (古道栌克青年旅舍) offers wonderful views and a convenient location for starting out on the Luke-Haba Route (卢克-哈巴路线). It is the highest in the Walnut Garden Village (核桃园) section of the gorge at 2,360 meters. Owner Zhao Yin (赵银) has transitioned away from guiding, but he has relatives who know the remote mountain trails. His wife cooks delicious meals. The previous name of the establishment was Walnut Garden Youth Hostel. Phone 135-0887-9892 or 188-6969-9958 (Chinese only).

Sean’s Spring Guest House (山泉客栈) in Walnut Garden Village has enjoyed a long presence in the gorge. A colorful character and activist for the preservation of the gorge, Sean (夏山泉) and his family speak good English. Their website is TigerLeapingGorge.com. Phone 158-9436-7846 or 158-9436-5138 (both English).

Haba Village Lodging

Haba Snow Mountain Inn (哈巴雪山客栈) may well be the most popular lodging in Haba Village. It is located 300 meters north of the bridge over the Seji River (色吉河). Established in 1985, it was the earliest guest house in the village. The owner, He Shaoquan (和绍全) and his amazingly industrious wife, Yang Xiulan (杨秀兰), are hospitable and gracious. Phone 139-8874-9869 or 139-8876-5396.

On the Clouds Inn of Haba (云上哈巴客栈) is located in the Hui (Muslim) hamlet of Longwangbian (龙汪边). The owner, Bao Dage (包大哥), will take good care of you. Phone 139-8871-6224.

Directions to the On the Clouds Inn of Haba: At Haba Snow Mountain Inn, turn left (south) and follow the main road downhill through Haba Village. Cross the bridge over the Seji River and continue 300 meters further. At an intersection with a paved road on the left and a dirt lane on the right, you should see a bulletin board on the left. Here you should turn right onto the dirt lane. Proceed a short distance to a bridge over a stream. Immediately after the stream, turn left onto a dirt path which leads uphill through fields. After a few minutes arrive at a cluster of houses and a paved road. Proceed up the road a few hundred meters to a rock pillar inscribed with the words “On the Clouds Inn of Haba” (云上哈巴客栈). The inn is on the right. Walking time is 20 minutes.