Haba Transport In and Out

Haba Snow Mountain--Access Update for 2023

Haba Snow Mountain--Access Update for 2023

Jinsha River Bridge The bridge over the Jinsha River opened April 2023 for vehicles and pedestrians. This allows direct access to Daju Village from Tiger Leaping Gorge. Ferry service across the river has ended, bringing to a close this long-standing service. The new bridge makes possible a loop drive from Lijiang to Tiger Leaping Gorge, Daju Village, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Park and back to Lijiang.

Road from Shangri-La City to Haba Village Extensive road construction, widening and rerouting appears to have been completed. Problems remain, however, especially during the rainy season, with multiple landslides forcing traffic to navigate one-lane passageways. Fallen stones line much of the route, again resulting in one-lane traffic along certain sections. Still, travel time is reduced to about 2½ hours, compared with an additional hour previously.

Jianshan Route Access The road above Longwangbian Village has been extended to an elevation of 2,900 meters, where a guest house is under construction (27°22’42“N, 100°7’12“E). The guest house is located directly on the lower part of the Jianshan Route. The hike from there to Black Boulder Junction takes 15 minutes. Ask a guest house for a lift to the end of the road and save about 45 minutes of walking if starting from Haba Snow Mountain Inn.

Lanhua Meadow Route Access Mules for riding or packing can be contracted at a location called De La Mu Chang (德拉牧场) situated at 3,250 meters on the Lanhua Meadow Route (27°23’36“N, 100°6’11“E). Inquire at guest houses in Haba Village for more information. Passenger cars with good clearance can drive 2-3 kilometers up to this spot using the rough forest road starting at the Access Gate. De La Mu Chang is located above and beyond the side road which leads to the fishing pond. Gaining a lift to the spot will save 1¾ hours of walking over starting out at Haba Snow Mountain in Haba Village.

Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) Transportation

For transport in and out of Tiger Leaping Gorge, see Dan Siekman’s informative guide.

Haba Village (哈巴村) Transportation

Good paved roads lead from Lijiang (丽江) and Shangri-La (香格里拉) to Haba Village. You can either arrange your own transport or take a morning bus from Lijiang to Baishuitai (白水台), getting off at Haba mid-afternoon. The bus stops at the entrance gate to Tiger Leaping Gorge, where you pay an entrance fee of 45 RMB. As an alternative, lodging establishments in Lijiang can arrange a seat on a minibus that will take you to the gorge.

From Shangri-La, a public bus takes you as far as Baishuitai. From Baishuitai to Haba Village takes 30 minutes and private minivan drivers make the run on an as-needed basis. The price depends on the number of passengers. Inquire in Shangri-La for minivans that make the trip non-stop from Shangri-La to Haba.

For the return trip to Lijiang or Shangri-La, minivans provide a reliable means of transport. Guest houses in Haba Village will have the details. The trip south to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge (Tina’s Guest House) takes 45 minutes, the trip north to Baishuitai 30 minutes. From Tina’s there is a daily bus service to Lijiang and Shangri-La.

Ennu Village (恩努村) Transportation

Yang Guomao (杨国茂) runs a taxi service in Ennu. Phone 139-8878-4981 (Chinese only). The trip from Ennu to Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge (Tina’s Guest House) takes 30 minutes. From Ennu to Haba Village takes 20 minutes and another 30 to Baishuitai.

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Ken Krov